Unicorn Bagel in Southern California

The Rainbow Bagel started in Brooklyn, New York at the Bagel Store in 2015.

Of course, California had to bring some colorful bagels to the West Coast thanks to Bagels & Brew.

Bagels & Brew introduced the Unicorn Bagel to Southern California to add some fun food colors to eat from the menu.  

As I stand in line browsing the many options to choose from off the menu, I decide to keep it simple…I order a Holly Jolly Bagel with plain crème cheese. Holly Jolly Bagels are hand rolled and fresh baked every Thursday and Sunday in December and Christmas Eve.

I’m given a number to place on the table for my Holly Jolly Bagel to be delivered to the table. Only food is delivered to the table not drinks, go figure.

Bagel & Brew has a large dining room and outdoor patio. We decide to sit outside on the patio.

Each patio table has an owl decoy to keep birds from eating food off the table.

The Holly Jolly Bagel not only looks beautiful, it feels fresh and taste just like a regular plain bagel.